2013 Dancing for the Children Celebrity Dance Competition

The following nine celebrities have generously agreed to raise $2,500 in sponsorship dollars, as well as train in a dance discipline with a professional instructor, so as to be showcased in the feature competition on the evening of April 27, 2013.

Senator Brandon Beach (instructor: Laura Mikszan of World of Gymnastics)

Vaughn Williams (instructor: Dawn Parker of Great Gig Dance Company)

Dr. Miles Mazzawi (instructor: Karrie Mattice of Applause Performing Arts Conservatory)

Reverend Jim McRae (instructor: Tracy Marcom, of Woodstock Dance and Music Academy)

Trey Olson (instructor:  India Vasicak of Cherokee Rhythm and Smooth)

Misti Martin (instructor:  Brian Dixon)

Kimberly London Posey (instructor:  John Vasicak of Cherokee Rhythm and Smooth)

Mitzi Saxon (instructor:  David Vann)

Dr. Angie Falaney (instructor: Josh Keenum)


Corporate, Presenting, and Co-Production Sponsor - Northside Hospital-Cheroke