Riverfest Scarecrow Exhibition Entry

Complete the form below or download the Word document HERE and submit via mail to:

Riverfest Scarecrow Committee P.O. Box 1132 Canton, GA 30169

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  1. Complete an entry form and have it postmarked or emailed by September 13, 2015.

  2. Entry fees must be paid upon completion of entry form. Cash or checks payable to Service League of Cherokee County will be accepted. You may also pay online at www.serviceleague.net

  3. Entry Tiers:

    • General Entry: The cost for entering in the general tier is $25. Scarecrows will be displayed around the festival grounds at the discretion of The Service League.  

    • Featured Entry: The cost for entering in the featured tier is $50.  Scarecrows will be placed in featured location such as Entertainment or Children’s Areas.  You may request an area for display, and we will try to accommodate those requests.

    • Premier Entry: The cost for entering in the featured tier is $125. Scarecrows will be provided by The Service League.  Scarecrows will be displayed on Scarecrow Row and may include a business card or take-away display.      

  4. There will be prizes awarded in each category. All winners will receive a certificate and an award. Any scarecrow designed by the Service League will not be included in the judging.   

    Riverfest is a family-friendly event, and all scarecrows are subject to approval.  Scarecrows should not be controversial in any way.  The Service League of Cherokee County reserves the right to refuse a scarecrow which may be offensive to the general public.  

  5. Kits can be purchased for $15.  The kit will be PVC and will include a post for the body and a post for the arms.  If you choose to purchase your own PVC pipe, it must be at least 1.5 inches in diameter and at least 3 feet in height. PVC pipe can be found at your local hardware store. If your design does not include PVC you must develop a way to secure it in place, and it may extend no further than a 3 ft. radius. 

  6. The Service League will provide rebar that will be secured in the ground for you to place your PVC pipe over (one post per entry).

  7. All props must be securely attached to the scarecrow and must be within a three foot radius of the scarecrow.

  8. No perishable goods may be used in the construction of your scarecrow.

  9. Electricity is not available.  Also, no tiki torches or other flammable objects are allowed. 

  10. No "take-ones" or business cards allowed unless you have entered into the Premier Tier.

  11. Please affix a permanent weatherproof sign on your scarecrow. After the title, the sign must read CREATED BY "your organization or individual name." If you are entering in the Premier Tier, you may provide a sign (not to exceed 11 X 17 inches), email a design to smcnellie@comcast.net, or we will create a design for you.

  12. To qualify for display, your scarecrow must be weather resistant. The Service League reserves the right to remove any scarecrow that does not stand up to the natural elements.

  13. The Service League of Cherokee County reserves the right to photograph and use photos of any entry for advertising and promotional purposes without compensation.

  14. The Service League of Cherokee County is not responsible for scarecrows on display.

  15. Scarecrows must be brought to Boling Park on Friday, September 25, 2015, between 12:00 and 6:30 PM for set up. There will be signs directing you to "Scarecrow Exhibit". Scarecrows will be on display during festival hours on Saturday 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM and Sunday, 10:00 AM until 5:00 p.m. Scarecrows must be picked up Sunday between 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM. Scarecrows that have not been claimed by 7:30 PM. will become property of the Service League of Cherokee County and may be used in decorating at future Riverfest festivals.

  16. Get creative and, most of all, HAVE FUN!!!

    For more information on the Riverfest Scarecrow Exhibition please email Shelley McNellie: smcnellie@comcast.net or Shiela Benz: Shiela.Benz@Cherokee.k12.ga.us